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Just got this also

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Just got this also ...

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Just received this protesting the CTU actions ...

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Just received a recorded call made from a Chicago Teachers Union phone and paid for by the CTU. the speaker was Jesse Jackson. He asked that we join him and the CTU tomorrow morning on Michigan Ave to block traffic in protest of police shootings.
We have come to expect this behavior from Jesse Jackson. He after all panders to the media whenever he can. But it is the CTU, that angers us most. As fellow members of WE ARE ONE we supported the CTU with pension issues. Asked our friends and family to reach out to legislators when needed. This is how they repay the first responders? They will be out in force to block traffic, scream in police officers faces, maybe tear down Christmas decorations like protesters did last night.
Teachers time for you to think hard on this one. Is this how you want your dues used by your Union?
In the mean time I can promise, the CTU has lost friends.

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Subject: Retiree Update-Monday’s hearing before Judge Cohen-Underwood Retiree Healthcare

On Monday, November 2, 2015, we argued to Judge Cohen over the City and Funds’ motions to dismiss our retiree healthcare complaint.

The City and Funds went first, because it was their motions to dismiss. The City took about an hour; the Funds together took another half hour. We took an hour to refute their arguments. The arguments went on for about three hours. A nice number of you were present, and I hope you felt we did a good job.

The City argued that the Kanerva and State Pensions cases do not apply:
That Kanerva applies to only an employer, not a Fund (I can’t think that this argument makes sense, but whatever); and
That the statutes in effect prior to the Korshak settlement do not actually require the City to provide healthcare (our argument is that the statutes required the Funds to provide healthcare for their retirees, and they did so by contracting with the City, which legally chose to be a self-insurer, and so became bound).

The Laborers’ fund asserted that the settlements’ language restoring our claims as they existed in October 1987 should be read restrictively, such that we are barred from raising these claims at all. (I called this argument untenable).

We took an hour to refute their arguments, after which they had a total of another 30-45 minutes.

The transcript should be available within the next few weeks, and we’ll post it.

Judge Cohen took the matter under advisement, saying that he would issue a written decision by December 11, 2015.

We’ll keep you posted on that, and on the appellate court’s review of our injunction request and 2013-last half audit appeal. I’d be happy to hear the thoughts of those who attended. And, as always, we appreciate your continued contributions to the war chest.


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