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Letter from the attorney in the pension lawsuit

From: Clint
Sent: Friday, July 24, 2015 11:55 AM
Subject: Retiree Update: A Big Victory: City Pension Reform - Order declaring PA 98-641 unconstitutional

Dear Retirees:

I am very happy to report that Judge Novak agreed with us, that the City Pension Reform law, Public Act 98-641, unconstitutionally reduces benefits protected by Illinois Constitution Article XIII, Section 5. Judge Novak granted our motion for summary judgment and has ordered the City to pay the benefit increases that the City has been sitting on, while the litigation was pending.

We are pleased that the Court agreed with us on all of our arguments. And a great thank you to those who have helped, by attending hearings, as well as contributing to the war chest; some of you a number of times. But this is not the end of this battle, by any measure. The City will certainly appeal this ruling directly to the Illinois Supreme Court for a definitive ruling.

So our battle continues, as does our need for your help and contributions. We’ve attached the decision, and welcome your comments and questions. Let’s enjoy this victory, and get set to continue the fight.

And the healthcare battle, of course, continues as well.



Clint Krislov
Krislov & Associates, Ltd.
Civic Opera Building, Suite 1300
20 North Wacker Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Telephone: 312-606-0500
Facsimile: 312-739-1098

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The mayor plans to take this to the state Supreme Court. Sure what does he care if he wastes the tax payers money. ...

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Judge Novak strikes down the mayors pension bill siding with the employees ...

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Yesterday NPPC participated in a webcast hosted by the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS) We were happy to report that pensions are rebounding post-recession and that during 2015 legislative sessions, states are rejecting misguided attempts to gut retirement security for public employees.

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