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"Retiree Hearing"

Hearing later today on Health Care: As you’ll recall, Judge Cohen’s ruling has been that the Funds have a primary responsibility to provide plans for their annuitants.

Since none of them are doing anything about that, and the City “sponsored but not subsidized” Blue Cross Plan is so expensive (even Judge Cohen has expressed the thought that the Blue Cross rates are crazy), and so, following up on his repeated statements in the past that he wasn’t going to tolerate everyone leaving all of you without coverage in 2018, we had moved for a preliminary injunction to force the Funds to actually provide plans to cover you, annuitants.

It was initially tabled while the judge was on vacation and he encouraged all of us to meet, which we did without much progress,

The City was supposed to respond by November 15 to our motion for preliminary injunction, with a hearing on November 29 (still late in the game, but before the December 7 and 15 cutoff on applying for Medicare or ACA coverage).

Last Friday, at 5pm, the city filed a motion saying that their appellate division thinks that the Supreme Court will rule on whether it will take our case on either November 22 or 29, and that the judge should defer the city having to respond until a week or so after that.

From our view, this makes no sense at all, because the purpose is to order the Funds and the City to provide a cost-feasible plan for 2018 while the case is pending, and until we get a final resolution. And despite Judge Cohen’s view that people should sign up with the ACA, none of those plans provide the coverage that the City and Blue Cross plans provide. The hearing:Regardless, whether it was the validity of my argument, or the City and Funds’ disavowing any obligation to do anything, he eventually went back into his case file, and finding that he had ruled that the funds have such an obligation, came around to at least directing the city to respond by next Tuesday on the issue of his jurisdiction to enter a preliminary injunction, us to respond on Wednesday and a hearing next Thursday, November 16 at 11:00 a.m., 50 W. Washington, Room 2308, on the jurisdiction issue, and we’ll see what he does from there. Short notice, but every appearance is important.
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On Wednesday, October 25, 2017, Clint <> wrote:

I emphasized the terrible situation that the subclass 3a people are in who have no medicare coverage from their city work, and are being subjected to rates of $1496 individual, $2900 for a couple, and $3700 for a family under the city’s blue cross plan.

Although he had said he would order the Funds to do something, He now is saying that he doesn’t think he has jurisdiction while the appeal is pending,so we have to address that as well.

I am convinced that he will not do anything for us unless and until the supreme court either takes the case, or doesn’t.

We have circulated and are posting the city’s opposition to our Petition.

No fund has filed anything on this

They didn’t appeal his ruling that they are obligated to provide plans and subsidies, so I argued that they have no reason not to explore coverage options and pay the subsidies.

But they and the city are holding that hostage trying to get us to just drop the appeal.

Something we will not do.

It got fairly contentious, but was morefrustrating thanhelpful

If you find a plan that you like, it is likely that your fund will process your premium as a withholding, even if it’s not one of their “sponsored” plans. Contact your fund about this.

More tomorrow.

The judge left for a trip at 2pm,

He has set november29 for the hearing.

Refused to order the city to include notice of the case in mailings to annuitants

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