Pay for Retirement

This Letter to the Editor was posted in the Chicago Tribune. It is an example of how poorly informed the public is on the pension issue. This is why it is so important that you share information with all your friends and not just those directly impacted by pension legislation. Please let all your friends and family know the truth about pensions. Explain to them that the pension is not some gift from the city or state. Explain that it is part of our employment package just like our salary. Explain how we contribute to the fund and it is not free. Explain to that we also pay taxes so we actually pay into our funds in two ways.
Please feel free to go to the Tribune and respond to this gentleman’s letter.

Pay for retirement

As a person who will only retire when I save enough of my own money to do so, it makes me sick to see how easily teachers, cops and firefighters get plush pensions after 20 years or so of work.

I’m forced to pay my taxes for these public workers — before I’m even able to save for my own retirement.

This is not fair.

I hope that all public employees get put onto 401(k)-type investment vehicles as soon as possible.

They should save and pay for their own retirements. I’d be OK to kick in a bit of a match, but no more.

Here’s the million-dollar question for which I’d love to get a logical response from a public servant: Why should I pay for your retirement? Why shouldn’t you save and pay for your own retirement like the rest of us?

— Larry Oberling, Glen Ellyn,0,4917421,full.story