*****ACTION ALERT*****

Slow Down Pension Legislation!!!!

We have spent the past several weeks in an honest attempt to negotiate how public workers can be part of the solution Illinois’ pension challenges. Unfortunately, it’s clear that legislative leaders and the governor are planning to quickly introduce an unfair, unacceptable bill that will severely harm the retirement security of hundreds of thousands of public workers.

At the very least, lawmakers and the public should have the time to review the details of the legislation that political leaders will try to pass.

ACT NOW – call your legislators in the House and Senate 888-412-6570 or use the call now button at –www.weareoneillinois.org

Our message is simple:


Work with the unions to find a fair solution to the pension problem.

Oppose the governor’s destructive proposal or any pension legislation that puts pension debt entirely on the backs of public employees.

Our members and other public employees have faithfully made their payments to the systems, while the state and many cities have shirked their payment obligations for decades. The elected politicians’ irresponsibility has created the problem we face. To now ask public employees to pay off the entire bill is simply wrong.

Where is the shared sacrifice?

It is very likely that a pension reform bill will be introduced THIS WEEK, so please ACT NOW and call your legislators at 888-412-6570.

Be sure to check this page frequently and tell all of your friends and co-workers to sign on to FB and LIKE this page! We will be posting updates every day including important news, Action Alerts and other critical pension information in the days ahead.

We Must Slow Down Pension Legislation Now!

Thank you for your activism. Your pension depends on it.

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