Call Your Representative Now

Please call your state Representatives and let them know you do not support this newly proposed pension plan.

Too many people have worked too hard, too long, and paid too dearly for their pensions. The state agreed to these pensions when they hired these pensioners. No one forced this on the state. The works agreed to lower salaries, poorer working conditions, and restrictions on their lives.In most cases the will collect a mere fraction of the Social Security a private sector employee would collect even though the paid into it fully.

Past pension legislation was written by and enacted by state legislators, not by the pensioners. Now these legislators try to blame these pensioners for the state’s financial problems. These employees have made every one of their required payments into the funds. The state however now looks to shirk their responsibility and screw over a large group of their constituents.

Call your state rep, tell them how you feel. Let them know you are watching and you vote. Let them know your vote will be based on how they vote on this issue.

Explain to them you have a large family of voters as well as many friends who also vote. Remind them you will be sure to tell everyone how they vote on this proposed bill.

Let your friends and family know how you feel. Get the word out and get it out now. Time is slipping away. If you don’t step in and look out for yourself you can sure bet our elected representatives won’t. Don’t sit idle and watch as your elected representatives kill your pension fund that you paid for.