Chicago Union Coalition Responds to SB 1922 Signing; Unions Will Sue

The following statement is attributable to the We Are One Chicago union coalition in response to Governor Pat Quinn’s signing of Senate Bill 1922:

“Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s pension-slashing plan, now signed by the Governor, is wrong for Chicago. This is no victory for the Mayor, but a huge, missed opportunity to find a truly fair, constitutional solution.

“Senate Bill 1922 would slash the value of pensions by one-third within twenty years of retirement. It inordinately hurts women, people of color, and low-income workers and retirees, disrupting and harming our city’s communities.

“Our coalition has presented numerous alternatives that would rebalance our tax code and ask those who can most afford it — the wealthiest among us — to pay their fair share. Unfortunately, some elected officials have chosen to ignore the constitution and these fairer revenue alternatives, opting instead to slash the retirement life savings of our city’s public health professionals, teachers’ aides, librarians, cafeteria workers, and other public employees and retirees.

“The Mayor’s plan is unfair and unconstitutional, and our unions intend to seek justice and will be preparing to file suit.”

Coalition members opposing SB 1922 include the Chicago Teachers Union, AFSCME Council 31, the Illinois Nurses Association, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7, Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2, and the Chicago Sergeants and Chicago Lieutenants Associations/Police Benevolent and Protective Association Unit 156.