From We Are One Illinois:


Thank you for your continued support of retirement security for Illinois public employees and the We Are One Illinois coalition’s efforts to support a fair, constitutional and sustainable pension funding solution.

Because of your efforts, voters defeated Springfield’s latest phony “fix” – a flawed proposal to change the constitution in a way that would pin the

 blame on public workers while doing nothing to solve the funding problem. Read more by clicking here.

But that defeat has not stopped Governor Pat Quinn from promoting his unbalanced view of pension reform – and even equating it to the fight to abolish slavery. The coalition issued a rapid response to the Governor’s over-the-top comparison. Read more by clicking here.

We have to stay vigilant and stand ready for action. As you are likely aware, Governor Quinn recently launched an online campaign that has been widely criticized as misleading and insulting—even comparing the modest pensions earned by public employees to a snake choking Illinois.

While lawmakers returned to Springfield this week for the fall veto session, political observers predict the Illinois General Assembly and Governor Quinn will try again to ram unfair and unconstitutional pension cuts through the General Assembly in early January. This could happen during “lame duck” session – so called because nearly three dozen “lame duck” politicians will be leaving public service and thus may never answer to the voters again.

The coalition is preparing for possible days of action at the State Capitol in Springfield from Thursday, January 3, through Tuesday, January 8. More information will be sent to you in the near future. Please save the dates.

Our coalition has proposed a framework for true reform that is fair, constitutional and addresses the real problem—the state’s failure to meet its obligations over time. We remain ready to sit down and work with anyone to develop serious, fair-minded reform.

Thanks again for your support.

We Are One Illinois

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