**** Legislative Report ****

This promises to be another busy week in Springfield –

In addition to several substantive bills moving through the committee process – pension legislation will once again be a major focus.

There are a number of pension bills posted for committee hearings in both the House and Senate.

In the Senate –

President Cullerton has made a number of statements that he intends to pass SB 1 as quickly s possible if he can get the votes to do so. He is actively lobbying members of both parties to garner the needed votes with the goal of passing a bill prior to the General Assembly’s Spring break which starts in 2 weeks. SB 1 includes reform language proposed by Rep. Elaine Nekritz, Sen. Daniel Biss and House GOP Leader Tom Cross. But it also has a provision that would activate his own proposal if the Nekritz/Biss/Cross plan fails. Cullerton’s proposal forces retirees and employees to choose between continuing to receive either their annual cost of living pension adjustments (COLAs) or their subsidized health insurance premiums.

Additionally, there are other Senate Bills posted for committee on Wednesday including the We Are One coalition supported SB 2404.

In the House –

Speaker Madigan again plans to move various pieces of proposed pension changes directly on the House floor Thursday. In addition to those proposals there is a growing list of bills posted in the House Personnel & Pensions Committee on Thursday afternoon.

The We Are One coalition supported HB 3162 may also get a hearing this week either in committee or on the House floor.

As always, there will be more to follow.