More pension reform debate coming to the House floor on Thursday. Amendments to Speaker Madigan’s shell bill – HB 1154 will likely include proposals to freeze all COLAs for 10 years, increase employee contributions by up to 4%, and cap pensionable salary at the wage base amount used for social security. Some House Republicans are threatening to refuse to vote on these proposals.

PLEASE – Tell Lawmakers to Stop the Games! Support HB 3162

It is critical that you contact your representatives IMMEDIATELY and urge them to support HB 3162 and vote NO on these other proposals!!!

HB 3162 is fair and Constitutional. It includes three essential components:

Guaranteed funding: You’ve always made payments. The state has not. This bill compels them to make their required contributions and allows for court action if they don’t.

Creation of a pension stabilization fund: Beyond paying the annual costs, the state must also pay down the massive debt. This bill includes one way to dedicate revenue.

Shared sacrifice: While we’re not to blame for this problem, we’re willing to be part of the long-term solution by contributing an additional 2 percent – so long as a comprehensive plan is fair and sustainable.



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