NYPD Line of Duty Deaths

On Saturday, New York City Police Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were assassinated by an individual who used recent events, fueled and exacerbated by the media and politicians, as justification for his actions. These officers dedicated their lives to serving the public, and we are devastated by this loss. We stand with our member group, the New York City Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, and officers from across the country, as we mourn the loss of these brave men.

As we grieve, it must be noted that the New York City PBA warned of such an incident. Politicians have created an environment of extreme hostility in communities across the nation. Our nation’s leaders continue to crucify and demonize law enforcement officers as these officers work tirelessly and selflessly to protect us. When will this end? When will our leaders work with us, not against us, to build trust between officers and the communities that they serve? Officers put their lives on the line each and every day to keep our communities safe. They need the support of our leaders.

NAPO is not going to rest until officers receive the support and the protection that they need to do their jobs and to stay alive. We urge our officers to continue to be vigilant and stay safe during this time. Many agencies are suspending single officer patrols and doubling or tripling officers on calls. Be smart. Wear your armor. Wait for backup. Trust your instincts. Check and double check your weapons and radio. Be aware of your surroundings. Cover your back and your partner’s back. Make sure you and your partner get to the end of your shift alive and unhurt. Know that the vast majority of the public supports you and keeps you in their thoughts and prayers. The public isn’t stupid, they see what’s going on, and they are grateful for your service and protection. Spare a thought for the wives who lost their husbands this weekend, and the kids who lost their dad. Know that you are American Police Officers, the very best in the world, and we WILL get through this together.