Pension Overhaul Clears Senate

By admission of every state politician the state of Illinois pension system has fallen into a state of such poor health that action finally has to be taken. Most admit it is due to the legislature’s failure to properly fulfill its caretaker duties. Most say the problems began as far back as thirty years. So after thirty years of mismanagement there has been a sudden rush to fix the pension problem. During debate on both floors lawmakers supporting this bill have almost universally said this is not a very good bill, it is “good enough”‘ but it is better than nothing. They also agree correction can be made later on.

Thirty years to come up with “good enough”? How many decades will it take to correct the mistakes being made by this pension bill? Way to strive for mediocrity guys.

Eventually this will be settled in the courts because there does seem to be a constitutionality issue with this bill. So really this isn’t even a mediocre bill is it? If they had done a good job on it there would be no need for a court. But as so many of those who voted for the bill have said, it is better to pass something then to do nothing.

Sadly, the people who are hurt the most by this bill were pretty much ignored by their elected representatives. These politicians seemed more concerned with good politics rather than doing good. Please contact your elected representatives from both houses. Let them know how you feel about their vote. Let them know you and your family vote and your future votes will be influenced by their vote today. Let them know they need to immediately work to correct their mistakes. We will not another thirty years.

Here is how your Representative voted.