Email from We Are One Illinois:

The Illinois legislature returns to Springfield today and will meet through Thursday, November 7.
Legislators continue to review an unfair, unconstitutional draft plan assembled by several members of the conference committee on pensions. What’s worse – there’s serious talk of slashing pensions even deeper than the draft plan.

Have you talked to your state senator and state representative yet? Call 888-412-6570 or click here and let your lawmakers know that you oppose any plan not supported by the unions of We Are One Illinois – including the conference committee’s draft plan.

Conservative Republicans want to worsen the Half-CPI COLA cut – possibly through a COLA with extremely low caps, along the lines of Senate Bill 1. They also want to increase retirement ages and introduce 401(k)-style plans across retirement systems, thereby undermining defined-benefit plans.

Some Democrats appear willing to bend to some of these extreme demands and punish working families and retirees for a problem they did not cause. In fact, top legislative leaders are working on a new scheme that may combine some of these ideas with the conference committee’s draft plan.

At this time, details continue to change often and remain sparse. But it’s clear that legislative leaders are moving in the wrong direction and preparing to harm the retirement security of hundreds of thousands of Illinoisans.

Don’t wait. Your lawmakers need to hear from you. Call today toll-free at 888-412-6570. Let your state senators and state representatives know that you oppose any plan not supported by the We Are One Illinois coalition of unions.

Thank you for your advocacy in this critical week. We will keep you regularly informed through our website and through our Facebook page of any breaking developments.

– We Are One Illinois
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