From We Are One Illinois

It’s official. The four legislative leaders have announced a deal to cut public employee and retiree pensions. All lawmakers will return to Springfield tomorrow – Tuesday, December 3 – to vote on the leaders’ extreme scheme.

That’s why you have to act TODAY.
Backroom deals don’t always hold up in the light of day – and that’s where you come in. We’ve got to make sure lawmakers hear from us before they vote – and that they know just how strongly we feel. Take these actions NOW:

1) Call our hotline toll-free today and tomorrow. Just dial 888-412-6570 or click-to-call. Tell your lawmakers to oppose the leaders’ pension-cutting deal.

2) Follow up your phone call with an e-mail by clicking here. Don’t let your legislators get away with saying they didn’t know how strongly you felt.

3) If you use social media like Facebook and Twitter, join our ThunderClap to spread our message tonight: Don’t steal the life-savings of public employees and retirees!

You may have already contacted your legislators many times before. But you need to do it again – don’t wait.

Also, our website has several new features to help inform you. We have a summary of the leaders’ extreme scheme (as provided by legislative staff to the media and lawmakers). We also have fact sheets that explain our opposition to this pension-cutting scheme and why it’s just like the pension-slashing mega-bill (Senate Bill 1) that we defeated this spring. Lastly, we have posted a spreadsheet tool you can use to make a rough estimate of how the leaders’ COLA cut will affect your pension. Please visit our website to get the latest information on how pensions could be cut if the leaders’ scheme goes forward.

Make sure you call your state senator and state representative today. Our message is clear: Vote NO on the leaders’ pension deal. Tell lawmakers not to take the life-savings of public employees and retirees. Call 888-412-6570 or click here.

Let them hear you before it’s too late.

– We Are One Illinois