From We Are One Illinois

Just 24 hours after receiving a 325-page bill, a slim majority of Illinois legislators approved pension-slashing Senate Bill 1 yesterday. After hours of heated debate, the bill received the bare minimum number of votes necessary in the Senate and the House, in the face of vocal opposition from lawmakers and a huge outpouring of effort from our grassroots campaign.

SB 1 robs teachers, nurses, caregivers, police, and other public employees and retirees who faithfully made their pension contributions. It’s unfair, unconstitutional pension theft legislation.

To view how House and Senate lawmakers voted, click here to visit our website and view the House and Senate roll calls.
Please take the time tomorrow to call 888-412-6570 toll-free – or click here to call. Thank legislators who stood up to pressure and voted “no” on SB 1. Your “thanks” will make a big impact in future efforts. If your legislators voted “yes” on SB 1, express your frustration to them.

To send an e-mail to your lawmakers to express your thanks or frustration, click here. Politicians need to know that you’re paying attention – before, during, and after their votes.

It is rumored that Governor Pat Quinn plans to sign this measure in the very near future.

If and when he does, our union coalition will wage an aggressive legal challenge to SB 1. Make no mistake – we will sue to protect retirement security and seek justice.

Our battle has been long and hard fought. Over the last few years, our coalition has beaten back repeated attempts to cut pension benefits for current employees and retirees. Together, we’ve engaged in hundreds of meetings and rallies across the state, and generated hundreds of thousands of e-mails, letters, and phone calls to legislators.

Even with yesterday’s defeat, your efforts have made a significant impact.

In coming days, remember that our battle for fairness, dignity, and security in retirement doesn’t stop with the legislature. While yesterday was a dark day, this fight will now move to the courts.

Governor Pat Quinn likes to say “let the will of the people be the law of the land.”

But the law of the land is the Illinois Constitution, not the politics of Springfield.

Thanks for all your efforts. We will keep fighting for you.
– We Are One Illinois