The Illinois House of Representatives voted on three new pension reform amendments affecting state employees this afternoon. As you will see below, two of the amendments failed by an overwhelmingly majority, but HB 1154, Amendment 7 was passed. This sets a cap on the amount of your salary that can be applied to employee pensions, with the cap at a salary of $113,000 a year.

HB 1154, Amendment 6: Eliminates a cost of living increase to your pension for the next 10 years. -FAILED 67-2

HB 1154, Amendment 7: Places a cap on the amount of salary ($113,000 a year) that can be applied to an employee’s pension. – PASSED 65-7 (with 1 voting present)

HB 1154, Amendment 8: Increases the employee pension contribution by an additional 4% of your salary. – FAILED 58-11 (with 2 voting present)

Thank you once again for your calls to your legislators! This is another battle won in the war on public employee pensions!

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